Welcome to Tuffy Tilt Tables

Tuffy Tilt Tables are one of the most ruggedly built, user friendly, simply designed  Hoof Trimming  Chutes available. Tuffy Tilt Tables are made by Brubaker Fabricators in Lancaster Co. PA, the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Our Hoof Trimming Chute is designed for professional hoof trimmers and dairymen who are interested in quality. We believe in producing a product that has the quality to last years with little maintenance yet still remains affordable. We are continually listening to the men who use these machines daily to improve and enhance both the comfort of the cow and usability of the chute for the trimmer. Our chute features highest quality hydraulics, electrical components, motors, valves and hoses in the industry. We powder coat the machine to give a very durable, long lasting finish.

Our unit uses a side Squeeze Door which is the preferred alternative to the Belts, Bands, Chains and Cables used by other chute manufacturers. It also restricts the legs from flailing and keeps her more calm as she is lifted into position to trim.  This feature is designed to eliminate undue pressure on the cow in critical areas during lactation. We have a concern for the comfort of the cow as she is lifted to be able to trim her hooves. 

We can add special features or do modifications as desired by the trimmer. 

The interest in Tuffy Tilt Tables is growing across the US , Canada, and in other countries also. We look forward to serving you also. 

We are a supporter of the Hoof Trimmers Association.