Hoof Trimming Chute

Hoof Trimming Chute

A Hoof Trimming Chute where comfort and tough meet together!

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The Portable Hoof Trimming Chute

Portable Hoof Trimming Chutes
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Portable Trim Chutes that are on the cutting edge! Many of our new options and features are breaking new ground in the hoof trimming industry.

Check out the Standard Features and the many Options; Hydraulic Leg Restraints, Hydraulic Drive System, and many, many more!

Our hoof trimming tables are tilt tables that keep the trimmer, herdsman, and cows all satisfied. Durability, ease, and comfort were all in the design process of these chutes.

It’s no mistake that these hoof trimming chutes are called Tuffy! Tough is a core principle to us. Years of hard work is what this tilt table is made for. And then add comfort for the cattle and trimmer both… Now that’s a trim chute worth checking out!

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The Stationary Hoof Trimming Chute

Stationary Hoof Trimming Chutes
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Stationary Hoof Trimming Chutes that will hold up to the beating of cattle.

The Standard Features alone are enough to sell you, but the options are nigh limitless! Don’t miss the Hydraulic Leg Restraints, the Hydraulic Rear Door, or any of the others for that matter!

This livestock hoof trimming chute is a tilt table that keeps the trimmer, herdsman, and cattle all delighted to end of even the hard days!

Durability, ease, and comfort were all in the design process of this cattle crush.

Whether you call it a hoof trimming chute or a hoof trimming table, just click on the picture for more info!

Please contact us with any questions about our cattle hoof trimming chutes! We’d love to talk!


Why a Tuffy Tilt Table?

We believe this table is the finest hoof trimming table built on the market! But why?! Let us explain…


– –      Cow Comfort      – –

The squeeze door design gently cradles the cow as it lays her over to bring the hooves to a comfortable position for the trimmer. Head gate closes as the trimmer desires. This provides for more comfort and less stress on the cow… no belts, bands, chains or cables that place undue stress on the cow.


– –      Trimmer Comfort      – –

Conveniently located set up switches, wireless remote control available, grinder holders, and even a hot box is available to keep your glue, gloves, etc. warm!


– –      Cleanliness      – –

Enlarged manure chute funnels the manure away from the work area.


– –      Profile      – –

Low profile design allows the use of the machine in low overhead areas, yet gives plenty of height and width for your largest cows.


– –      Powder Coating      – –

The machine is sandblasted to provide for a solid base to apply a very rugged finish.


– –      Power systems      – –

Stationary Unit: Standard is a 240 volt 3 Hp, motor. 5hp Optional. We can also do 3 phase systems 3 & 5 HP.

Portable Unit: 36 Volt DC system with 6 Heavy Duty 6 Volt batteries. State of the art components: electric / hydraulic valves, wireless remote control, professionally designed and engineered hydraulic system makes the components used in our system a very durable unit which means excellent service for years to come.


– –      Drive System      – –

Makes your chute very versatile! Rear wheels are engaged and front dolly wheel lowers to provide mobility. They are disengaged for transport. Hard to do without!


– –      Hydraulic Leg Restraints      – –

Extremely convenient and usable. Rubber cushioned, pressure controlled clasps provide user and cow comfort. Greatly increases productivity. A very popular feature.


– –      Hydraulic Gate Rack      – –

Raise and lower your gates to the ground hydraulically. Another very popular feature.


– –      Controls      – –

Stationary Unit: Manual Valves are standard. Both wireless and corded remotes are available as options.

Portable Unit: Corded Remote is standard. Wireless remote control is optional.


– –      Construction      – –

These chutes are built very rugged and tough. Greasable pins, bushings, with stainless bolts used throughout. Heavy tubular 3/8″ wall trailer main frame, 1 /4″ wall main cage frame, Mayo Mat comfort matting inside cage. Every part is manufactured to the exact specifications designed by our engineers.


– –      Freight      – –

We can arrange shipping to your farm or dairy anywhere in the world.


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