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Best-in-Class Hoof-Trimming Chutes

The Finest Layover Trim Chutes on the Market Today

The cows walk right into these hoof trimming chutes with nothing to step onto or over! The head gate closes as the trimmer desires, providing more comfort and less stress on the cow. The squeeze door design then gently cradles the cow as it lays her over. Both sides are covered with a heavy-duty padding adding extra cushion. There are no belts, bands, chains or cables to place undue stress on the cow.

Set up switches are conveniently located, and even a wireless remote control is available! As the trimming table lays the cows over, the hooves come up to a very comfortable position for the trimmer. The Hydraulic Leg Restraints are a must for the complete comfort of a full time hoof trimmer. Grinder holders are standard, and even a hot box is available to keep your glue, blocks, gloves, etc. all warm! As a result about all that’s left to add more comfort is a recliner!

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3 Excellent Hoof-Trimming Solutions

Portable Chute

Layover hoof-trimming chutes that are on the cutting edge! Many of our new options and features are breaking new ground in the dairy hoof trimming industry.

Stationary Table

The standard features alone are enough to sell you on the stationary table, but the options are nigh limitless! Don’t miss the hydraulic leg restraints!

Truck-Mounted Chute

The same ruggedly built hoof trimming chute by Tuffy Tilt Tables, mounted right on your truck! Stabilizers come right down to turn your truck into a solid working place.

What We Offer

Hydraulic Leg Restraints

The hottest selling feature and newest design for layover hoof trimming tables! They are extremely convenient and usable! They solidly hold the cow hooves for much more safety for the cattle and your own fingers! These rubber-cushioned, pressure-controlled clasps provide user and cow comfort. Alongside comfort, productivity is greatly increased… more cow hooves per hour with less fatigue at the end of even a hard day! Talk to our professional hoof trimmers and they’ll sell them to you!


Our cattle trim chute has an enlarged manure chute to funnel the manure away from the work area. As she comfortably lays on our the cushioned bed of the trim table, if the need arises, her toiletries are covered! We want the trimmer, the cows, and the trimming chute to all stay as clean as possible.

Low-Profile Design

Our design allows the use of this bovine hoof trimming chute in low overhead areas, yet gives plenty of height and width for your largest cows to comfortably walk in and out.

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