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Hydraulic Leg Restraints

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Ease for the trimmer and comfort for the cow were 2 major motives in the design for these ground-breaking leg clasps. We call it an option, but it’s really a must.

Each leg latch on a Tuffy Hoof Trimming Chute is hydraulically closed by it’s own switch. It’s all color coded… a real no-brainer when it comes to using it. Then when you’re finished, the release-all button allows all the legs to be released at once as you begin to stand the cow back on her feet.

The cows legs are often clasped as the tilt table is being laid over. So in 9 seconds your grinder is running with each leg already firmly held! No more fighting with cows’ legs and hooves. Let the power of Hydraulics work for you so you aren’t shot at the end of the day. It’s better than a hired hand helping you! …and cheaper too!

Scars and missing fingers are proof that hoof trimming hasn’t always been safe. But now with these Hydraulic Leg Restraints, your fingers, hands, and arms are at a much lower risk of amputation!

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Portable Chutes

Layover hoof-trimming chutes that are on the cutting edge! Many of our new options and features are breaking new ground in the dairy hoof trimming industry.

Stationary Tables

The standard features alone are enough to sell you on the stationary table, but the options are nigh limitless! Don’t miss the hydraulic leg restraints!

Truck-Mounted Chutes

The same ruggedly built hoof trimming chute by Tuffy Tilt Tables, mounted right on your truck! Stabilizers come right down to turn your truck into a solid working place.

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