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What We Offer

Hydraulic Leg Restraints

The hottest selling feature and newest design for layover hoof trimming tables! They are extremely convenient and usable! They solidly hold the cow hooves for much more safety for the cattle and your own fingers! These rubber-cushioned, pressure-controlled clasps provide user and cow comfort. Alongside comfort, productivity is greatly increased… more cow hooves per hour with less fatigue at the end of even a hard day! Talk to our professional hoof trimmers and they’ll sell them to you!


Our cattle trim chute has an enlarged manure chute to funnel the manure away from the work area. As she comfortably lays on our the cushioned bed of the trim table, if the need arises, her toiletries are covered! We want the trimmer, the cows, and the trimming chute to all stay as clean as possible.

Low-Profile Design

Our design allows the use of this bovine hoof trimming chute in low overhead areas, yet gives plenty of height and width for your largest cows to comfortably walk in and out.

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